Learn how companies like Yelp, Uber, Lyft, and SoFi use universal code search to quickly explore, navigate, and better understand all code.

We have entered the era of Big Code: rapidly growing codebases and repositories, multiple languages and file formats, and a wide variety of developer tools. To grapple with this increasing complexity, engineering teams need a tool that provides universal code search.

With this ebook, you will learn:

  • What is universal code search
  • How Lyft engineers were able to verify the migration and deprecation of code from their monolith to microservices at scale
  • How SoFi engineers relied on cross-repository code search to migrate hundreds of microservices from Bitbucket to GitLab
  • How to improve code reviews with code navigation
  • Why engineering leaders need code search and intelligence for their teams

About Sourcegraph

Sourcegraph Universal Code Search empowers all developers to explore, navigate, and better understand all code, everywhere, faster. Sourcegraph’s mission is to make it easier and faster for developers to work on solving problems. Sourcegraph is built for all companies, from startups needing a solid foundation for growth to enterprises with complex security, scaling, and deployment needs.

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