You installed Sourcegraph, now learn the optimal way to use it (plus some tips and tricks)!

This 30-minute session is led by a Sourcegraph Customer Engineer who will:

  • Walk through the core features of Sourcegraph
  • Answer your questions about Sourcegraph configuration, usage, integrations, and team adoption
  • Explain how developers use Sourcegraph every day to:
    • Fix things quickly and safely
    • Find security problems in hours, not days
    • Catch more bugs with better code reviews
    • Enhance developer efficiency
    • Onboard employees faster
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"Sourcegraph gives us the ability to search for and refactor references to deprecated services, libraries, URL patterns, and more across our 2000+ repositories, and the confidence that we're not leaving anyone behind."


- Aneesh Agrawal, Software Engineer, Lyft